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Member since: May 9, 2008
Last visit: July 5, 2015
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Location: 1428 Elm Street (every town's got an Elm Street...)
Country: Austria
Fav. Song: They Don't Want Music
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Online Poem Book {more r followin'} TWO MORE IN SPANISH! (to learn it hahaha xD)

category: Anything | October 14 | @915 | comments comments(501)

plssss make maaannyy comments i'll be glad i wrote these poems by myself pls be honest but kind hehe i know im not very good but i gotta hear other opinions .... more r following I thought so long I could trust you But you just hurt and damaged me Shall I tell you 'bout some perfect ppl.?! I'll show you and you will see: There's this girl, I know her for 7 years I shared with her my laughs, but also my tears Jasmin is my best friend since I know her She's funny and crazy ... anyway I love her There's another girl, if older or not She helped me stand my life, she helped me solve my probs So my 2nd best friend Linda must be She's done so special...


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VOIS ^_^

VOIS ^_^

Published on: 09/26/2009

selfmade =S

selfmade =S

Published on: 08/16/2009

make up a story pls :]

make up a story pls :]

Published on: 08/25/2008

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08/13/15 @403
03/16/13 @188
Oh my Melon, how things have changed...
12/02/10 @772
The same... Okay, I'm so busy too and this is one of the main resons I'm not often online... However, as you sad, this site is no longer the same anymore... The old people have just disappeared from the site... We had a huge family on here, but seems like everything is just found in the past... :( I hope you're okay. :) <3
11/26/10 @702
Yes, sweetie! I'm ALWAYS here for you & I will always be! I'm so damn happy to hear you're problems are getting to be solved. ;) So, what plans do you have for this weekend? :) xxx
11/23/10 @767
Really? :? Can't I help you? :? You know you can tell me everything you want. If I can, I'll help you. Sometimes it is better to talk about our problems than hide them away. They will be jammed in our souls & they may cause problems. Anyways, I hope you're getting better. ;) <3
11/21/10 @683
Okay, I'm glad to hear it. Have these problems been caused by your family or school? So, what have you been up to? I hope you're still fine. Ilysm. <3

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sumthinsumthinsumthin O.O

¬_¬ The last I wrote it disappeared
But I am rewriting it!
Cause I still remember your password and because I felt like doing it ;)
:oIt doesn't mean I am a freak that tries to live your life, does it? (huh)
I always wondered how it feels to be Melina Müller from Austria ^_^
Aww Melis, the last time I wrote your profile message, we weren't that close!
I think we're getting closer and closer everyday!
You are the best, I adore you. I love you so much, I really love you ^_^
And and, you are the cutest and sweetest and more gorgeous and beautiful wife that a wife((huh)) can have
u_u I won't sing I will always love you cause you said no earlier and you don't like it u_u
I think it'd be cool though
The fact is that I love you, and that's all it matters ;)
And I will always love you
Ok, I'll stop u_u
I love you Melis, I so really do!
I love you my lovely wife <3

Lots of kisses from Elina Luciana Pereira Müller
15 days woohoo(thumbup)

Melis and Elis wives forever and ever <3 and Tokio Hotel sucks and its singer is a thing and Lady Gaga is a zorra and Facebook actually sucks and Murdoc is God;):p(thumbup)
Jajaja I adore you my love :)

Message written by Elina Pereira de Müller, I'm a proud anti Tokio Hotel person, whoever read this and feels offend, I am responsible of this, and ewww if you like them, specially to Anna The Porn Star JAJAJAJAJA! / AM / i / UMG
Produced by Brothers in art